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In May 2005, the SLAC website went through an evolution to reflect the change in the organization of the lab and a new look and feel to encourage a consistent user experience.

Since the old SLAC detailed and highlighted home pages no longer reflect this organizational change and new pages exist that were designed to replace the old pages, all of the following web pages:

will be removed on December 30, 2005 and these pages will automatically redirect to the new For Staff page.

If your web browser has any of these pages set as your default page, you might want to change your default page now. To change your default home page in your web browser:

NOTE: If you are working on a Windows machine and you are unable to change your default home page, you should contact your desktop administrator. Some Windows computers have a program (Spy Sweeper) that has not been correctly uninstalled and prevents users from changing their default page.

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